Avoid the box

About the Game

" Avoid the Box " is a very simple and addictive infinite game. You have to tap the screen in order to turn the ball and avoid colliding with the boxes that come in you way in your way. The game is very easy to learn but at the same time very hard to master. " Avoid the Box " is designed on unity game engine and is based on simple physics applied on a ball. It is an endless game which gets difficult with time and can give you a great adrenaline rush.


In "Avoid the Box" game, you can score as high as you can. Your score increases with the amount of time you are able to prevent the ball from colliding with boxes. As your score increases the ball gets faster and the game gets tougher requiring your full concentration and reflexes."Avoid the Box" can be very addictive once mastered. It is very simple to learn but really hard to score very high however not impossible.

Power ups are also added now. Use multipliers and bonus gems to boost your scores quickly !

Leader board is now added to "Avoid the Box". This enables you to upload your score online as well as compare your score with friends as well as other players all around the world. To access our leader board just click on the leader board image under the start game button and you should be able to see the leader board menu from where you can submit your high score.

Fabrizio Marocchino on Apr 27, 2014 

Good work Simple art and simple gameplay, the result is good.


siddharth bhola April 20, 2014

Very different and addicting game Great game to play for timepass.


Josh mcgrath April 21, 2014

Really creative game. Very addictive ..must play if u love classics !


Brenden Anthony Das April 16, 2014
Awesome 5/5


The new simple and challenging android game!